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Our Story

Meet The Powers Family

Thanks for your interest in Natural House. I am a new mom of twins, with two pesky dogs and a cat. I am a huge believer in probiotics, and give them to my family daily. I believe in them so much that my husband and I run a biotechnology company that provides probiotic ingredients for many applications, from industrial cleaning supplies all the way to probiotics for us like the ones found in yogurt. Though my husband and I tend toward buying natural products, we found that once we became parents, we became even more picky about what to buy. As my babies began to grow up, and play in the toilet and tub, I realized that I needed to change all my cleaning products, so their sensitive skin wasn’t absorbing any harsh, or unfriendly chemicals. As we did the research from the viewpoint of parents, and as business owners, we realized we needed to create a line of products utilizing the power of probiotics that satisfy the demands of a busy mom and a business owner, who not only runs a natural house, but also runs a natural workplace. Natural House is a marriage of years of research in what gets the job done in commercial cleaning applications, to the rigorous safety standards that we demand for products used in our natural house and workplace.


For those parents whose kids have ever dunked their toys or pacifier in the toilet or licked food off of the floors…For those who have had to roto-root your pipes or have a septic build up and waste invade your home…For those of us who cringe when we have to open the trash can indoors and out…And for all of us out there that want something powerful that works AND want the piece of mind that what you are buying is non-toxic and safe, Natural House is for you.

Our Philosophy

My husband likes to say: We won’t sell it if we can’t eat it. Of course, my husband never encourages us to eat our products, but does want a product safe enough for our dog to drink the water out of the toilet after cleaning it, or for our twins to take a bath in the tub cleaned by our products. All of the products are phosphate/APE-free, eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. We do not believe in using any genetically modified (GM) bacteria. Natural House products are strong enough for commercial clean-up, yet safe and gentile for all of the members of your Natural House.