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New Hope 360 Reviews Flushy

We know probiotics are great for digestive health, but it turns out they also maintain the health of our toilets. After dropping one of these dissolvable packets in the bowl, water-activated probiotics consume odors, waste and toilet paper. When flushed, the probiotics move through pipes to cut buildup and maintain a healthy septic system. Sound familiar?

Retailers "Choice Award" at the 2011 National Hardware Show

Natural House, LLC marked the introduction of its Probiotic House wares Products by winning the coveted “Retailers’ Choice Award” at the 2011 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV. The newly introduced Natural House line of products received positive reviews from the many retailers attending this year’s show.
Scott Story, Natural House

First-Class Products. 2011 Retailers Choice Awards Recognize the Best-of the Best at the National Hardware Show.

The Retailers have spoken. They have selected the chosen few products that they have dubbed the best-of-the-best at this year's National Hardware Show.